3 Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Need To Go

June 24, 2020

Everybody wants to have healthy teeth. People need clean, straight, and pain-free teeth. Sometimes people think that their teeth are perfect, but do not consider how wisdom teeth can affect your perfect smile.

Teeth can seem great, but without proper diagnostics, someone may not realize what their mouth needs. Losing your wisdom teeth, when dentists recommend, can prevent gum disease, pain and maintain those straight pearly whites.

Wisdom teeth can be hard to clean, especially if they do not come in straight or are buried beneath your gums. Just like any tooth, this can cause decay or pericoronitis. These issues make anyone’s teeth difficult to maintain. Only a dentist can advise if it is in someone’s best interest to remove wisdom teeth to prevent this issue.

Not only is decay and gum disease a problem, but the pain associated with it can also play a major role in the decision to remove wisdom teeth. The gum and teeth are filled with nerves and if your wisdom teeth irritate these nerves discomfort is bound to follow.

The pain from wisdom teeth pushing on these nerves can make it difficult to eat, talk, or even keeping your mouth closed. Fortunately, if your dentist believes wisdom teeth are the culprit they can be removed with minimal complications.

While not everyone will experience pain, tooth decay, or gum disease some people may start to see their teeth get crooked. If you enjoy those straight teeth, your dentist can tell you if your wisdom teeth may interfere with this.

Wisdom teeth if they come in incorrectly can push on the other teeth causing them to lose their straightness. People like to see straight teeth and keep them that way, so see a dentist to ensure your wisdom teeth do not interfere with other teeth.

Many enjoy a nice healthy mouth and may get discouraged when they are told wisdom teeth have to be removed. Just know its not the patient’s fault. Wisdom teeth can interfere with your mouth a lot but can be dealt with if caught before it is too late. To maintain healthy, pain-free and straight teeth and gums see your dentist often. The dentist will ensure your mouth, gums and teeth are healthy. If wisdom teeth need to be removed your dentist can let you know. See your dentist if you have not been in a while, but especially if you see any of these issues! Make an appointment because your dentist wants to make a mouth that makes you smile!