When Is It Smart To Remove Wisdom Teeth?

January 9, 2021

To answer this question a dental patient must consider a few things. When there is mouth or jaw pain that includes the sinuses or if there is visible inflammation it might be time to remove the wisdom teeth. In addition, wisdom teeth can become impacted under the gum or, if they’ve broken through, cause overcrowding of the other teeth. Bad breath can also be a smart reason to remove wisdom teeth. Finally, if the dentist recommends their removal it is wise to pay attention to their advice.

When there is mouth or jaw pain, it might be time to consider wisdom teeth removal. Often, individuals who suffer from jaw pain think that it is due to grinding at night or perhaps stress. While that may be the case, a good examination of the wisdom teeth may also be in order. Jaw pain that includes sinus pain is often an indication that wisdom teeth are ready to be removed. Sinus cavities are near the wisdom teeth so chronic sinus pain could be an indicator to take a deeper look. General mouth pain with no other known causes also requires a check of the wisdom teeth. These types of pain are not normal and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Inflammation in the area of the gum where wisdom teeth appear could be cause for their removal. An individual would not be able to see the inflammation. This would require a dentist with proper dental equipment. Inflammation can cause pain, discomfort, and may even be the result of an underlying infection. Invisible infections under the gum or tooth decay above the gum line can be the cause of bad breath. No oral hygiene product will fix this. Therefore, this situation should not go untreated. It is best to find an experienced dentist.

Wisdom teeth can become impacted. That means that they get stuck below the gums and are growing in a manner that negatively affects the other teeth. They could be putting pressure under the gum line and forcing other teeth to be overcrowded. If it isn’t causing pain now, it could cause pain later in life. If wisdom teeth are impacted or growing into other teeth, it might be time to get them out.

Finally, it is smart to get wisdom teeth removed when the dentist recommends it. Regular dental check-ups that include x-rays, exams, and cleanings will help the dentist get a clear picture of wisdom teeth. Seeing the same dentist is a good idea because they will have a baseline to watch as wisdom begin to come in. A qualified professional will know when it is time to take the teeth before it is too late. Wisdom teeth do not have to cause damage or get infected if they are taken care of sooner rather than later. In the end, after a careful evaluation, the smart decision is to follow the dentist’s advice.