As you grow older, your smile may not retain its original white appearance. Factors like smoking, taking medications, drinking coffee or soda, or other lifestyle habits may darken or stain your teeth. Likewise, damages like cracks, chips, and breaks can cause dark spots that make your teeth look decayed. No over-the-counter toothpaste can repair these damages or remove them entirely to your satisfaction.

Rather than hide your smile and avoid speaking with and facing people face-to-face, you might want to restore the original color and appearance of your mouth. Your answer could lie with having Veneers professionally bonded to your teeth.

More about a Dental Veneer

Veneers are coverings that are fitted onto the surface of your teeth. They are made from materials like porcelain or composite resin. They are white or off-white in color and designed to closely match the color of your natural smile. They also are made to reflect light and look natural when they are bonded to the surface of your teeth.

The process for getting these covers typically takes about three appointments. The first appointment involves having your teeth x-rayed and examined for abnormalities like stains, chips, cracks, and other damages. Your dentist will determine what teeth need to be covered and whether or not the process would work best for your cosmetic dentistry goals.

The next two appointments involve having the molds made for the coverings and the coverings being fit over your teeth. Once the molds are made, they will be sent to a dental lab where they will be made specifically for your mouth. The coverings are then sent to your dentist who will then schedule a time for you to come in and have them bonded to your teeth.

During the appointment when you will have them bonded to your teeth, you may receive a local anesthetic to keep you calm and eliminate any sensation you will feel during the procedure. Your dentist will remove the top layer of enamel on your teeth before using a professional grade adhesive to attach the coverings and secure them in place.

Once the coverings are in place, your dentist will use a special light to heat up the adhesive and activate the chemicals in it so that the coverings are permanently bonded to your teeth. Your bite will be examined to make sure you can eat and speak normally. Your dentist may shave down some of the surfaces of the coverings to make them look more natural.

The appointments will take more than an hour to complete each time. You should consider the entire process as a journey to which you must commit fully and perhaps take time off from school or work on the days when you must visit your dentist for your appointments.

When your teeth are no longer as white or healthy as you would prefer, you might want to undergo professional dentistry services to restore their appearance. You can get a permanently whitened smile and teeth that are strong and durable by having veneers put on the surface of your teeth.