5 Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth

July 18, 2020

Taking care of your teeth is easy. Start with good mouth hygiene and use the teeth the right way. Your teeth should strictly be used to chew food. Some people use teeth to crack nuts, rip open packaging, and remove bottle tops. You are using the teeth the wrong way, and there is a risk of breaking your teeth if you are one of them.

You can easily end up chipping your teeth if you use them to tackle hard objects. Wear a full-face helmet when playing sports that have a high risk of falling. Accidents do occur; you may still knock your teeth even after taking precautionary measures. Save a knocked-out tooth by holding it back into place and seek quick dental service. Here you will get simple ways to take care of your teeth:

1. Clean your teeth properly Ensure you brush your teeth properly. The brush should move in a gentle and circular motion to remove all debris from the teeth. Failure to clean the teeth well can lead to plaque buildup, which can lead to gum disease and tooth loss. The toothbrush should be replaced every three months. With time, the toothbrush bristles wear out. Use dental floss to clean between teeth. The spaces between the teeth tend to hide a lot of food particles. Ensure you rinse the teeth after brushing. People with arthritis can use electric toothbrushes for effective removal of the plaque.

2. Have routine teeth checkup Regular visits to a dentist are necessary. Even if there are no noticeable changes to your teeth, it is good to visit a dentist annually so that a professional inspection can be carried out to identify early warning signs. The best dentist will be in a better position of advising on the right protective measures to be taken.

3. Clean your tongue when brushing Some people forget to clean their tongue. Buy a tongue scraper, and it will be easy to remove food particles left on the tongue. Badmouth odor is caused by food particles on the tongue that end up decaying. A fluorinated toothpaste is necessary during the tongue scraping process to get rid of any bacterial buildup.

4. Drink enough water It is advisable to drink water after every meal. The water will wash down food particles on your teeth. Sticky foods such as sugary beverages tend to stick on your tongue. You can reduce the time they will stick on the teeth to develop stain through drinking water. Remember to floss as a precautionary measure after eating.

5. Eat the right foods For healthy teeth, you need to eat fruits and vegetables. Foods rich in fiber will make you develop healthy teeth. Avoid sugary foods because they tend to stick to the teeth. If it is a must to eat them, remember to brush the teeth afterward. Acidic foods lead to tooth cavities. Try to limit their intake or clean the teeth after eating. Eat food rich in calcium, vitamin D, phosphorous, and vitamin A