Toothbrush Showdown: Manual vs. Electric

December 7, 2020

The choice of whether to use a manual toothbrush or an electric one is a common consideration among many people. Some still stake their claim on the manual toothbrush because that is what they grew up with, and it continues to do the job quite well.

Needless to say, it does take a considerable amount of brushing to get that clean feeling, and parents are urging their children to brush longer for a more effective cleaning. There is a technique to the manual toothbrush that most people have not mastered, and many people never learned. Sometimes, after brushing with the manual brush some particles of food may be left behind, or the teeth will have a rough feel

In today’s age of modern technology, the electric toothbrush has become as essential as all of the other technical devices that are so common. The electric toothbrush works without much effort on the part of the individual. It has been proven to do a better job at cleaning than the manual toothbrush. It rotates and oscillates to clean and floss the teeth and gums. These brushes are easy to hold and manipulate. It does the cleaning that the average manual does not do.

There are, however, many benefits to using a manual toothbrush. They are lightweight, easily accessible and available. You can find them in almost any store. These toothbrushes are also low in cost. They are sold in singles, or in multi-packs of three or more. They are also customizable. You can find them in a myriad of shapes and sizes, and bristle firmness. The manual toothbrush is still the choice of many people of all ages.

The electric toothbrush has many advantages over the manual toothbrush. They are more effective at removing plaque from the teeth due to their rotating action. They are considered the powerhouse of toothbrushes when it comes to thoroughly cleaning the teeth.

Electric toothbrushes also reduce the risk of harming the gums. They help prevent the probability of brushing too hard which can cause the gums to recede. They can ensure proper brushing, and teeth and gum protection.

The gum disease gingivitis may be reduced when an electric toothbrush is used. The electric toothbrush is so easy to use that it can ensure that you brush long enough. The gentle massage to the gums is a benefit that everyone can appreciate.

One other advantage of an electric toothbrush is the helpfulness it provides for people who have limited dexterity. Anyone who has limited mobility in their hands will benefit from this feature. This includes children, older adults, and anyone in between. The choice is still a personal one, but everyone wants better convenience and the one that is simple to use and has the most benefits. The battle will continue, but both will remain essential to oral hygiene.